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Andrew Torris

is the Director at the Universal American School of Dubai. Mr. Torris is beginning his 28th year in education and has worked as an elementary classroom teacher, vice principal and principal at all levels. Mr. Torris served as the Deputy Superintendent of Shanghai American School. Mr. Torris previously worked in schools in Oregon, Saudi Arabia and Shanghai before coming to Dubai. Part of his purview at SAS was in technology leadership and the implementation of the SAS technology plan including a 1:1 program for almost 1800 students and over 300 administrators, teachers and support staff in the initial year of rollout. He currently working with Universal American School on a similar technology plan. His writings and thoughts on education can be found on his personal blog, Sentiments on Common Sense, where he explores educational thoughts and ideas focusing on digital leadership.


Amanda DeCardy

is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator and Apple Professional Development Consultant. She is currently working as a Technology Coach and Embedded Professional Development Specialist at the Universal American School of Dubai. She has worked in international schools in China, Saudi Arabia and Japan, serving as a classroom teacher, a Curriculum and Professional Development Director, an ATLAS Curriculum Mapping Coordinator, a MAP Coordinator/Trainer and as a Technology Coach. Ms. DeCardy has presented at EARCOS and NESA conferences and has taught graduate coursework through California State University-Northridge. She is a mother of two girls: Madeline, age eleven and Amelia, age seven. Her writings can be found on her blogs, Some Tech Sense, Maddie's Minute and Amelia's Moments .

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